Being data-driven and celebrating small wins in CRO + Checkout Page Infographic

Just a list of ebooks that I’m currently reading!

While on my way to work, I read through some CRO eBooks that focuses on the culture of experimentation and here are some takeaways that I should remind myself when testing:

  1. If you thought a variation would win, and it wins, then you haven’t learned much. Be open to trying out different things!
  2. Always be data-driven instead of intuition-driven; do not assume that best practices would always work for you. Data is king in CRO.
  3. Many of your tests will fail – but by testing it first and losing money during the test, it saved you from the risk of losing larger amount of money by not deploying an untested change in Production.
  4. Celebrate small wins – even if the improvement was just at 1% lift, these small wins will add up as time goes by!
  5. Instead of pointing our what you think are right or wrong, focus on “what ifs” and it will open up a world of new opportunities.
  6. Reiterate with your team the importance of CRO and get their support. Example: The team might be spending money on ads or PPC but does not convert well because of usability issues or poor user experience on your website. Both testing and outside traffic initiatives should be given equal importance as they go hand in hand in improving conversion.

Can’t wait to test again and practice this list soon 🙂

Bonus: Checkout Page Infographic. Super useful tips to get started with optimizing checkout pages. Although testing is still the key to determine which works for an eCommerce site.

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