Gifts from MCS Friends :)

Last July, I left my job of 7 years. I didn’t really had the chance to feel that I’m leaving, or that I already left… because there was so much things going on and everything went by really fast. Friday, I had my farewell party with MCS friends, Monday came and I’m in Korea. Haha. Someone said it’s probably also good that I was busy so I didn’t had the chance to feel sad hahaha, good point! 🙂 I was only able to open their gifts for me today – I’m so touched and happyyyy. So much good things happened during my stay at MCS and I can only be grateful to have joined not only a talented team, kind-hearted management, and wonderful bosses, but also found lifetime friends. Salamat mga beshywaps!!!

They gave me a jar full of farewell messages, films and print outs of our photos during my stay. AWWWW. I REALLY AM SO TOUCHED SRLSY. ;___;

I opened three messages today and they’re all from pabebe boys. Haha. THEY’RE JUST SO SWEET >:[ Reserving the rest of the message for other days~ I want to open them one by one (just like in the instruction LOL)

Weee new films~ I’ll make sure to bring these to Korea! Hope I can find a studio that can process these negatives!

Some photos through the years~ We had so much activities inside and outside office. Reached mountain peaks, swam rivers, falls and seas, joined 7 company outings and Christmas parties, traveled to so many places! Ang hirap maging kaladkarin, di ka talaga makakatanggi kasi gusto mo rin naman sumama. HAHAHA. Kaya konti lang naiipon e. Pero grabe, sulit lahat ng pagod at gastos kasi naging masaya talaga yung 20’s ko sa MCS! 🙂

Thank you, MCS! I’m forever grateful 🙂


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