Holy Week 2019

Holy week is the most important event in Catholic faith. During this season, we mourn the death – as well as celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It’s a Catholic devotion to do “Visita Iglesia”, wherein we would visit different (usually 7) churches and finish the 14 stations of the cross which reminds us of how Jesus Christ spent his last days on earth.
For this year’s holy week, we decided to do Visita Iglesia on Easter Sunday, April 21. We were only able to visit two churches this year. First stop is at National Shrine of Saint Padre Pio. Padre Pio is known for having Stigmata. He exhibits similar crucifixion wounds with Jesus Christ on both hands. This Shrine has a museum of Padre Pio filled with items that were stained by blood from his hands.
Our last stop was at Montemaria Shrine which is dedicated to Mary, Mother of All Asia. Along the stairs going to Mama Mary’s statue are the Stations of the Cross. This place is very relaxing as it sits on top of a hill and overlooking at the wide sea.
My mom and aunt posing for pictures. Haha.

A few minutes away from Montermaria, there is a cliff that has various religious statues where people can pray.


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