My New Tiny Home

Hello 🙂 You’ve stumbled to my tiny home. I’m Char and I love taking photos (and sometimes videos) whether I’m on a travel, family occasions or just have the urge to do so. I have been meaning to open a this photo blog in 2017 but it just kept getting pushed back. I guess it wasn’t one of my priorities last year. But this year, I want to make something for myself: an online diary of my experiences in photos and videos. I do get excited to go out and take photos but most of the time they’re just kept in a folder, never getting uploaded, or even opened. I want to change this and have a little nook where I can come back to and view the best moments I captured through my camera.

With that said, the target audience really, is just myself. Haha! For the most part, I will post itineraries and information about the places I’ve visited. But there might be times that I will just post photos and videos with no description at all. But then, feel free to ask me if you have any question. I’d be happy to help you out – that is if I even remember the details (I do have a very short term memory ever since I was young). 😛

That’s about it… thanks for reading. Happy new year! May 2018 bring the best in us. 🙂

Ending note: I started a photo series called “52 weeks” over here where I will post a photo taken that week.


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