Peak Design’s Leash

I have to say this is the best camera strap I’ve ever had. Well… I only used the free ones that came with my cameras 😛 My old camera straps, to be fair, are very sturdy. The only reason I needed a new one is because neck straps are taking a toll on my neck! I tried using them as a sling, but the camera bounces when I walk – it doesn’t feel secure.

What you’ll get:

  • Leash
  • 4 anchor links
  • 1 anchor mount
  • Tool to screw in anchor mount securely
  • Peak Design sticker
  • Pouch
  • Box


Peak Design’s Leash Camera Strap (Slide and Slide Lite as well) solves this issue where in the strap can be adjust easily on the fly. You can make it longer when you need that extra length when shooting, and shorter so it rests at your upper back or above your waist.

Anchor Links and Mount

You can attach the anchor mount at the tripod screw of your camera and attach an anchor link. One of the strap goes to the side, one goes to the bottom. Once you wear it, the camera lens will be facing down. It helps a lot when you’re using a long lens and don’t want it to be sticking out all the time while walking.

It’s also easy to attach or remove the anchor link to the strap – simply press on it and push outwards.

Photos were taken with my 10 year old Canon 1000D and my 1 month old Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.Want to own one too? You can buy Leash Camera Strap at Peak Design. 🙂


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