Dorasan Station


One of the stops that for the DMZ tour is the Dorasan Station that belongs to Gyeongui Line. It was re-opened again in 2002 to serve as a tourist attraction.

What to do and see at Dorasan Station

  • Train platform towards Pyeongchang
  • Hall of Dorasan Station
  • Ticket Booth – Buy train ticket & try stamps
  • Piano of Unification

Train platform towards Pyeongchang

Why is this station interesting you may ask? It’s because it used to connect the North Korea and South Korea. The next station from here is Pyeongyang Station, located at the capital of North Korea. The platform going to Pyeongchang remains closed.

Hall of Dorasan Station

Although this place is visited by foreign tourists (and mainly just from the tour group you’re joining), it is fully staffed and operational.

Ticket Booth – Tickets & Stamps

You can buy train tickets from Dorasan Station to Pyeongchan Station, but not actually board the train! It only serves as a memorabilia. There are also some stamps to try out beside the ticket booth.

Piano of Unification

While roaming around the station, you would probably notice a piano. The inside of the piano is full of barbed wire fence which symbolizes not only the division of North and South Korea, but also the tension between the two countries.

About Dorasan Station

307, Huimang-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 파주시 장단면 희망로 307 (장단면)


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