Haneul Park


Haneul park is the most popular park in World Cup Park. “Haneul” means sky so it literally means “Sky Park”. It is situated at te highest part of the World Cup Park, which was built for the 17th FIFA World Cup.

What to do at Haneul Park

  • Ride a multicab going towards the park
  • Walk around the park
  • Observation Deck
  • Enjoy the overlooking view of Seoul at one of the rest areas
  • The Pampas Grass or Eulalia

Riding Multicab

During the peak of autumn, which occurs during October, there will be a long line to ride the multicab. More or less, you will decide on the spot to just walk up the road. I may take around 20-30 mins walk depending on your pacing.

Walking around Haneul Park

Haneul park once a landfill that has tons of garbage until the government decided to make the area into an ecological park. Amazing right? 🙂

Observation Deck

Half way through the park, you will come by this observation deck. It offers a nice view of the Haneul Park and a good place to stop for a rest. Haneul Park holds “Eulalia Festival” early October every year so this place can be very crowded at that time of the month. We went in November, so there are very few tourists. 🙂

View of Seoul from Lookout Points

There is a place at the end of the park where in you can take a rest or eat your snacks. It also has a nice view of Seoul and Han River. There are a total of 5 wind turbines which provides power to the park and its maintenance office.

The Pampas Grass or Eulalia

Haneul Park is popular for the Pampas grass, also called Eulalia. I admit that it was only when I got home from our Korea trip that I knew what they are called. Eulalias are everywhere in the park in different sizes and fluffiness. These pictures were taken mid-November. If you plan your visit in mid-October, then you might not catch these Eulalias, instead you might see some pretty pink grass.

About Haneul Park

487-48 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Operating Hours
9am – 6pm


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