Jeonju Hanok Village


If you want something similar to the popular Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, then this place is for you. It is a bigger hanok village where in you can rent a hanbok outfit and walk around in it. We stayed here for 3 hours and honesly, it’s not enough! I personally liked this place so much and would love to go back when I visit Korea again. Our tour guide recommended for us to eat the PNB Choco Pie which is a popular snack in the area.

What you can do/try/see:

  • Rent and wear hanbok and go sight seeing
  • Get your Chinese zodiac sign fortune
  • You’ll see lots of traditional Korean houses
  • Eat Jeonju Bibimbap for a full meal PNB Choco Pie for dessert

The Traditional Korean Houses

A giant boulder engraved with “Jeonju Hanok Village” is located right in front of the village entrance. It’s seems like a popular spot to take your photos. Here are some cute ahjussis having their group photo 🙂

Chinese Horoscope

You can get your Chinese horoscope here. You have to change your Korean Won (I forgot how much it was, but it was cheap) to a token. Choose your zodiac sign, deposit the coin to the machine, twist the knob, and it will give you a red ball. Please DO NOT use the hammer beside the machine – it is not for cracking it open. We did it this way and we really felt funny to know that we just had to twist it to open.

WARNING: The horoscope is in Hangul. Have your tour guide translate it for you… which we never did. 😛

Around the Village

There were a lot of people wearing their Hanboks and just roaming aroung the village. You can rent at Jeonju – there are not much people around so I doubt you’ll have trouble renting on the spot. Hanbok rental starts at 10,000 KRW (9 USD/450 PHP). We saw some kids with their teachers wearing Hanbok & traditional Korean clothes taking photos. They’re really cute!

Fall at Jeonju

Seoul is a great destination to experience Fall. But if you wanted to switch it up and see something new, then you should try traveling to Jeonju. These Ginko trees bearing yellow leaves are EVERYWHERE! And they’re so pretty and refreshing to look at against the blue sky.

Jeonju Food

This is the Jeonju Bibimbap! Personally, I think it tastes like a the typical Korean bibimbap but with additional jelly in it~ (The yellow one that looks like a pineapple at the bottom of the bowl)..

PNB Chocopie was highly recommended to us by our tour guide so we really had to try! 🙂 Well our guide was right, it was really good so we had to buy more of them to bring back home.


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