Create your own Neon Sign in Gangnam, Seoul!


If you have ever been in Korea, you should have probably noticed that they use a lot of cute and colorful neon signs on different establishments like beauty stores, restaurants, cafes, music stores and more. It looks so cool and I never thought that I can create my own, by hand. I actually though it’s made of glass, thus, needs to be created by some sort of a machine.

Watch the blog to me and my workmates us create our own Neon Signs!

Our company happens to do workshops as a form of team bonding on a monthly basis. For the month of June, we decided attend a Neon Sign making class! Here’s the class information:

Address: 07788 서울특별시 강서구 마곡동 757-3 마곡나루역보타닉비즈타워 1동 921호
Weekdays: 2PM, 5PM, 7PM
Weekends & Holidays: 11AM, 1PM, 3PM and 5PM
KakaoTalk ID: @SMOOD
When making a reservation, make sure the contact their KakaoTalk first with day, time and how many persons are there in your group.
Site Link:네온사인-원데이클래스-강남점/

I planned to make a sign for my mom, since her birthday is coming up, and also just wanted to create something that holds meaning 🙂 My mom’s name is Jasmine, so I created a flower – although this specific flower design is not a Jasmine – but you get the point 😛

The instructor talked some tips and limitations in making neon signs. Some are:

  1. There’s a brighter side in the light, always make sure that the brighter side is facing you
  2. Creating Korean letters is a bit difficult because each character has its own block, unlike English letters wherein we can write in cursive (no breaks in each letter)
  3. The wires can possibly too short for your design so it’s important to measure the length too

Neon Sign Starting Kit

  1. Your Design – Before coming in, you are requested to pick from their catalog (this is a powerpoint that they will send you) or design your own drawing
  2. Board – There are three types of board: Acrylic, Mesh and Canvas
  3. Pliers
  4. 2pcs. AA Batteries
  5. Switch w/ wires

Others that will be provided depending on what type of board you use:

  1. Brush Glue
  2. Black and White Tape
  3. Tracing Paper
  4. A sharp tool that you will use to poke canvas and trace

How to make the Neon Signs

Step #1: Trace the design

I chose to create my sign using a canvas, so the first thing I need to do is trace my design onto the canvas. I was more careful in doing this as it’s difficult to erase the mistakes in tracing.

Step #2: Poke holes on the start and end points

Determine where your first colored wire would go in and go out. Poke two holes on these points. You can add more holes where you need the wires not to appear in front of the canvas.

Step #3: Shape the wire according to the design

Insert the wire onto the canvas and start shaping the wire based on the design. You may tape the wires at the back to make sure that it keeps in place while you’re working. Use the pliers to create sharp edges.

Step #4: Glue it on the canvas!

Once you’re happy with how the wire is shaped, apply glue on the canvas and paste the wire. The glue dries fast so make sure to only apply and paste small parts of the wires first.

Step #5: Repeat steps 2-3 for the remaining wires

In my case, I only have to work on one more pink color so I repeated steps 2-3 for the flower petals part.

Then it’s done! 🙂 The lights can be switched to steady, slow blinking, and fast blinking modes too! There’s an area in the place where you can take photos of your work.

Our finished neon signs!

After picture taking, you will be given a stand and resealable plastic bag to keep your work protected while traveling back home.


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