Suwon Jidong Market

Jidong Market Entrance

If you’re around Suwon, Jidong Market is a must-go place! There are a lot of clothes, shoes and jackets for sale inside and they are reasonably priced.

Address: 402-28, Ji-dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do

What we did:

  • Eat mandu from Chueukui Jangnal Mandu
  • Explore shops inside Jidong Market
  • Waited for night food trucks and bought steak and philly cheese steak sandwich
  • Shopped at nearby Daiso

Chueokui Jangnal Mandu

There was a long line in this mandu place, and as my friend said, “fall in line where there is a long line” so we did! She actually read a review that this place called “Chueokui Jangnal Mandu” (first photo, right side) that serves mandu covered in siopao-like bread. It’s the best mandu I’ve eat so far! The pork inside is extremely tasty and the bread is very soft. I think there’s a long line in this store at any time of the day, but it’s worth the wait!

You must try this mandu!

Night Market Food Trucks

We waited for the night time to try out some food from the night market food trucks. They came at around 6PM, but they didn’t actually open until 7pm. We were caught off guard as we noticed that people were already lining up. We saw a very long line at two food trucks so we decided to fall in line as well. The first food truck we tried served steak, the second one served philly cheese steak sandwich. We waited for around 1.5 hrs in line, but again, it’s worth the wait! SO YUMMY! 🙂

This is where the food trucks park in the evening right infront of Jidong Market

Philly cheese steak sandwich
Again, if you have a spare day to go on tour in South Korea, definitely consider going to Suwon. It’s a place where you’ll see less tourists, and more locals spending their free time outdoors. 🙂


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