The Adventurer – So much inspiration, so little time

Adobe came up with a website that determines your creative type, based on psychology research. It’s interesting that daily life decisions can affect what creative type you are. The test has 15 random questions and the site will display your creative type (there are 8) at the end.
The Adventurer
I got “The Adventurer”. It’s funny how the first line says it all – “So much insipration, so little time”. It’s true that there are a lot of things that I want to do – professional development and hobbies to name some – but always felt like there’s not enough time for me to do these things.
YES. If I find something interesting and useful, I do my best to learn it. That’s why I know a little bit of everything (in Web) and continuously sharpen my skills. Knowledge is power!
The Adventurer in detail:
Take the quiz here:


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