The Suites at Mount Malarayat

My family and I spent a nice weekend get-away at The Suites at Mt. Malarayat which I booked on a whim, knowing that we are not really going to do anything. Why not have some quality family time? 🙂
Address: Barangay Dagatan, Lipa, 4217 Batangas
Phone: (043) 404 3300

We left the house really late and came to there at around 6:30pm. It was really dark! The place didn’t have the fun vibes that the other resorts had. We ordered a food and ate inside our room, since we were informed that wearing shorts, sando and slippers are not allowed inside the restaurant. We checked two out of three from the list. Yikes! Apparently, it really is a golfing place so members wanted people to dress nicely in the area.
Our room is in “Yakal” and we had the view of Mt. Malarayat. The sunrise was epic! I attempted recording with my gopro but it died right after recording 13 seconds. But here’s some pictures from my camera.
I went for a swim alone in the morning. The water was really cold, but I had fun.
I then forced them to try fishing, and man, we had a great time! We were given dough as bait, rod and a bucket. We decided that the fish that we caught will go back in the pond. The person who really had fun was my mom. She was able to catch a tiny fish haha.
The resort was landscaped really well, just what you’d expect from its architect owners. 🙂 Here are some shots of the golf course area. You need proper golfing attire to enter this area.
Overall, we all enjoyed our stay at The Suites at Mount Malarayat. We plan to come back soon. 🙂


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