Working while in Korea 😅👨🏽‍💻

I don’t really mind bringing work while while on vacation – especially if I know that your team is already busy and undermanned. I’m always glad to help whenever I can because I love my teammates hahahahaha 😀 (so cheesy)

My laptop here is nowhere near powerful – it’s a 12-year old macbook that can only do CMS edits (and word processing), although that’s what I just needed to get the job done. It will hang if you open more than two chrome tabs!

I also feel proud of being able to do these simple edits because I was the one who planned and lead the development of the admin pages to simplify how we update the front-end pages. No need for sysads to deploy our changes. Few clicks here and there – my changes are on Live!

Photo Credit: My good friend Jeff. I will link to his site once he’s done making one 😛


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